Friday, January 11, 2013

Montie Design Releases Capabilities Statement on Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Design

MORRISVILLE, N.C.--Innovation and commercialization firm Montie Design ( has released an updated 2013 capabilities statement detailing core competencies and differentiators in the product design and engineering marketplace. The nine-page document, available for download at, also includes project snapshots showcasing the firm's strengths in design, engineering, prototyping, test and manufacturing. "No two projects are exactly alike, which is why Montie Design has never really focused on one specific industry; instead, we stand ready to engage a wide variety of projects and applications," said Montie Roland, company president.

Roland explained this approach has allowed Montie Design to successfully complete projects requiring a wider amount of flexibility and resources than many design firms are able to bring to bear. "The ability to take a project from concept to finished good on the shipping dock has been very valuable to our clients," he said, adding, "Bringing our own product line from zero to six figures of sales in four years has provided us with  enhanced skills, strategies and resources to provide for the benefit of our clients."

Core competencies of the six-year-old firm listed in the capabilities statement include product commercialization, mechanical engineering, industrial design, engineering analysis, prototyping, test and evaluation, and management of online sales.

"Our quick-turn manufacturing of customer products and unique experience designing small arms accessories are two key differentiators that have enabled us to continue to service a growing customer base in the midst of an economic downturn," Roland pointed-out. "The success of our Montie Gear line has also helped to inspire some of our customers to keep the manufacturing of their products in the US. This has put us in a key position as an enabler of their made in the USA strategy. Not all products are candidates for local or domestic manufacturing, so we have to be ready to interface with international suppliers as well," he said.

One of the project examples detailed in the capabilities statement is a rackmount chassis built for an international company with design and manufacturing in the U.S. and overseas. This particular project called for customized industrial design and branding; engineering/airflow and thermal analysis; tolerance analysis; and manufacturing.

Other examples include a home air purifier and innovative portable shooting rest.

Operating out of the Research Triangle region of North Carolina, the Southeast's innovation hub, Montie Design provides concept-to-marketplace product commercialization and development services to businesses in the rackmount equipment, electronics enclosures, LED lighting, Department of Defense (DOD), consumer products, and equipment design markets.

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About Montie Design
Montie Design is an innovation and commercialization firm with core competencies in mechanical engineering and industrial design. Active in the product design, defense, and technology sectors, we leverage years of industry leadership and extensive technical capabilities to help clients take products from concept to marketplace that are economical to manufacture, elegant and robust. Montie Design is a North Carolina company headquartered in the Research Triangle region with clients across the country and overseas. We are dedicated to economic development throughout our home state and furthering excellence in design and engineering. For more information, visit