Friday, January 11, 2013

Trampoline Parks, Family Entertainment Centers Primed for Growth in 2013

ROXBORO, N.C.—Entertainment facility solutions provider CenterEdge Software ( is preparing for a continuing influx of queries about its business-critical information management software in 2013 from trampoline parks and family entertainment centers (FECs). A growing number of owners and operators of both types of operations have been reaching out to CenterEdge for help in dealing with the dual challenges of increases in customer demand and difficulties in managing staff and revenue. "Throughout the eight years we've been in business, I have to say FECs and trampoline parks are two of the strongest sections of the amusements industry I’ve seen in terms of growth," CenterEdge Software Director of Operations Marcus Mayer said.

High gas prices and less expendable income have impacted large-scale family vacations throughout the U.S., driving more families to spend their entertainment dollars closer to home. Local FECs and trampoline parks are positioned to fill the void, providing unique opportunities for children and adults to play together or participate in exercise programs and indoor sports.

As FECs and trampoline parks continue to grow, the need to address staffing issues related to a young and unskilled labor force increases, such as employee scheduling, training and employee theft. Additionally, challenges unique to the specific type of operation are a concern for owners and operators.

Trampoline parks, Mayer said, present the need for capacity control, as well as the need to integrate waivers into the point of sale. Most of these facilities incorporate thick layers of padding around a large grid of trampolines of up to 10,000 square feet and can host hundreds of users in any given day, whether they be individuals, families, groups or events.

The growing popularity of trampoline parks is exemplified by the recent FOX Sports coverage of the International Trampoline Dodgeball Tournament presented by Sky Zone, a national indoor trampoline park franchise.

CenterEdge Software's full suite of technology solutions helps trampoline parks and FECs attract consumers and their entertainment dollars, while reducing facility management expenses, managing labor and reducing employee theft. The company’s point of sale, birthday and group reservations, and time clock applications get customers started on better managing their facilities quicker and easier, with a major focus on capacity control. Reporting, cash control, and time clock solutions help keep better track on revenue and labor, while user-friendly online reservation and ticketing functionality helps build a loyal clientele.

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