Thursday, September 5, 2013

EXTENSION, Inc. Announces Reseller Agreement with Siemens Healthcare

FORT WAYNE, IN--EXTENSION, Inc. today announced that it has developed a strategic relationship with Siemens Healthcare, Malvern, PA. Siemens Healthcare is a leading provider of enterprise electronic health record (EHR) solutions with embedded workflow technology that brings the benefits of business process management into the healthcare environment. One of t he most advanced EHR-extender (EHR-e) solutions on the market today, EXTENSION delivers important event data and notifications to healthcare professionals on a mobile handset, enabling recipients to more quickly act upon the information. Siemens will now offer EXTENSION's solutions in addition to Siemens' professional services support as a value-added complement to an enterprise EHR.

"As the EHR market grows, hospitals are seeking key differentiators among vendors and one way to do that is to extend the EHR to all of the prevalent communication devices in use by clinicians today. By deploying EXTENSION's EHR-e technology, Siemens will enable customers to extend the value of their EHR by empowering them to receive alerts, notifications, and secure messages on their mobile devices. The communications are tightly integrated into the hospital's existing Siemens messaging service bus. We're excited about starting this significant relationship with Siemens Healthcare," said Todd Plesko, CEO at EXTENSION.

When EXTENSION's alerting and messaging software is used in conjunction with Siemens Soarian and legacy EHR products, hospitals will have an opportunity to explore unit, hospital, and network-specific workflow customization for mobile devices. The results are an improved care delivery model with the potential for improved patient experiences, and increases in staff efficiency and productivity.

Siemens chose to align with EXTENSION in part because of the company's unique ability to capture HL7 data from an EHR, and link the data with clinical events that generate context-aware alerts, while managing prioritization, escalation, and tracking. By leveraging EXTENSION, Siemens is now able to offer end-state closed-loop communication of alerting and messaging to mobile devices within the healthcare enterprise.

"This combined approach with EXTENSION enables Siemens Healthcare to securely 'mobilize' the functionality of one of our key differentiators, our workflow engine, in a manner that helps customers  improve the way they receive this information," said David Hamilton, Sr. Vice President, Enterprise Services, Siemens Healthcare. "With this pairing, we envision more opportunities to help customers connect providers and patients to better coordinate care."

EXTENSION® offers award-winning  solutions that facilitate instant communication between patients and clinicians. Our solutions enhance common communication devices (wireless phones, smartphones, and communication badges) used as clinical workflow tools by aggregating data from various clinical/IT systems  and delivering time-critical alerts to the devices. By establishing repeatable and reliable processes with EXTENSION's workflow software, healthcare systems improve patient safety, patient and staff satisfaction, and efficiency.