Global TechWire is an innovative online publication attracting multiple stakeholders involved in the global technology marketplace. We don't employ tricks to up our hit count in a disingenuous nature in order to claim outrageous numbers of visitors or cast the net too wide with off-subject stories just to generate unqualified foot traffic. People read Global TechWire because they've found us in organic search results or shared articles and are interested in our technology-oriented subject matter.

We attract a unique combination of C-level decision makers and influencers and other stakeholders at different levels within organizations passionate about what they are reading, and willing to share links to articles among peers and colleagues on various social media platforms, increasing the exposure of our articles.

Whereas other traditional news outlets have to package their online advertising offers with event sponsorship to justify charging $2,000, $8,500, or even $10,000+ for monthly online ads, Global TechWire keeps it basic: our sidebar button ads are $150/month (six-month minimum contract), with placement on a first-come, first-served basis. As contracted ads cycle out, the other ads on the site move up the page. 

Graphic design and setup of all ads is free.

All advertisers on Global TechWire will be invited to submit press releases on an ongoing basis; unlike non-advertisers, however, Global TechWire advertiser press releases will contain live links in their releases back to their websites, as well as cross-publication on additional online news sites and social media platforms.

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